Rabbit Pie is Delicious

Having spent last year in Brisbane I appreciated the couple of cold days last week for providing the opportune climate the production and consumption of Rabbit Pie. Prompting the realisation of the connection between the weather and that particular dish was a recipe that came along. I fairly promptly got the ingredients but struggled to find the Rabbit. Eventually I found one, at the Prahran Market but the weather had taken a turn for the worse, that is, the best. Nevertheless, the dish still went well with the warmer weather, a fact that perhaps proves it suitability for the in-between seasons.

That’s a picture of the pie that I made and below is the recipe that I worked from. The pastry must come in for special commendation. I used a wild rabbit instead of a farmed one – the difference being taste and size. There might also be a difference in cooking time, the rabbit that I cooked could have done with more time in the broth before being removed. Also the pastry needed more time in my oven then the time given by the recipes author David Herbert although I must admit that my oven is no super-master-chef-la-di-da-keep-the-temperature- accurate-and-even piece of machinery.

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