Gillard, The Mining Tax and the Coming Election

This week Tony Abbott was reputed to have declared that victory was within his grasp and Julia Gillard grasped it. Tony’s comment was derided as a bit impolite – it being generally conceded that to talk up ones chances beyond the avoidance of failure is in some way untoward. Nevertheless, Tony’s comment was given an endorsement in Gillard’s promotion. The drastic Labor leadership change is an attempt to stymie the steady descent of the government’s prospects at the next election.

The seat shuffling was done in the hope that that odd fascination with novelty on the part of the electorate, that phenomenon that saw people vote out Howard because ‘it was time for another guy to have a go,’ will be assuaged with the introduction of Gillard. But if this remains the only change to occur, it will only succeed on the twin assumptions that if Tony and Julia were in a TV soap, Tony would be seen as the bad guy and that Tony and the Liberal party have no coherent belief in what justice is.

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A Not So Sensational Article in the Sunday Mail

In their most recent edition the Sunday Mail ran a sensationalist piece entitled “Crims Gone Fishing”. The sensation was that criminals in the care of the states prison officers were given time outside of the walls of the sunshine states prisons. If this was not enough for such a story it was also compounded by the fact that these criminals were also engaged in activities, which included surfing and fishing – hence, the title of the article. The report filled out the 200 or so words that he was given with comments from the states new Attorney General Cameron Dick – a man lauded for his wealth of experience drawn from a stint as a voluntary iterum Attorney General of Tuvalu. It is thanks to Mr Dick’s comments that the report is able to present the sensational argument which runs something like this:
Prisoners should be kept in prison for the term of their sentence because this is the “community’s expectation” and this is not being done in the Queensland prison system!(I have paraphrased most of this but the words community expectations as the reason behind harsh treat are Mr Dick’s own.).
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