Sex, Lies and Pay Parity

Amazingly, the Australian Services Union lie that they are seeking to establish pay parity between men and women still stands.

As discussed here, the claim that is being made by the union is that workers in the private sector are being paid at substantially less rates than those in the public sector. It is not about women versus men. It is about two different employers.

It would be difficult to discern this from the coverage provided by Fairfax and Murdoch’s people and down right impossible to gain any insight from what ended up on the ABC.

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Pay Parity Claims and Privatisation Agendas in Disability Serivce World

In early November workers from the community and social services sector in Victoria won the right to have a pay parity case heard by the federal industrial arbitrator, Fair Work Australia. If they are as successful as their Queensland counter parts, who achieved an increase of around 37% with a similar claim, this will result in a huge bill for a sector that is already described as underfunded and crisis-driven.

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