Sex, Lies and Pay Parity

Amazingly, the Australian Services Union lie that they are seeking to establish pay parity between men and women still stands.

As discussed here, the claim that is being made by the union is that workers in the private sector are being paid at substantially less rates than those in the public sector. It is not about women versus men. It is about two different employers.

It would be difficult to discern this from the coverage provided by Fairfax and Murdoch’s people and down right impossible to gain any insight from what ended up on the ABC.

The attempt to construe the claim as a battle between the sexes is, at it’s most accurate, based on an idea of getting more pay for an industry that has a high proportion of female workers. It is the claim that the Community Services sector is a care industry and staffed mostly by women and therefore, by virtue of the fact that it is both ‘women’s work’ and that women are doing it, a pay rise here will create greater pay equality between the sexes more generally.

The possibility of the campagin being successful seems highly risky. Any success is dependent upon the relative gain with respect to wage equality being maintained and that women continue to dominate the sector and/or that such work still be considered ‘women’s’ work. Whilst the union may be able to ensure the first two points the second, the whims of fashion are never easy to predict let alone control.

No comparison between men and women is taking place in the campaign. The contrast that is used is not with an industry differently populated or undertaking more warlike tasks but with an industry that whilst being similarly populated and engaged in similar tasks is a part of government bureaucracies. It is the pay difference between workers at the Department of Communities and workers at Yooralla that is the bone of contention.

Can all this be construed as lying on the part of the ASU? Well not really. The union is being honest in what it is claiming. It is just that such honesty appears well hidden under the hustle and bustle of bringing wage equality to the sexes. It is a contradiction that is simply left to stand.

This is perhaps evidence of the contention that when unions reduce themselves to simply asking for more money they becoming boring to their participants and thus a danger to their own existence.  All this gendered pay parity hustle and bustle is but a show to keep the members interested in pursuing their collective interests in getting more money.

That thousands turned out for the protest is a fitting example of the willingness of Australian’s to accept contrivances in the name of entertainment. One can rest assured that none of those annoying people that like to point out physical impossibilities or improbabilities in fictional narratives (as if they were faults) will be found in around this campaign.

If being boring is not enough to turn one away from such activities then perhaps the sin of greed is. Where does the CSU think its getting off in claiming that their activities are more valuable then that of Australia’s lowest paid citizens ($450 odd dollars a fortnight) or indeed more valuable then what is reflected in the material conditions of those denied citizenship or permanent residency?

There is nothing more distressing than a union that is nothing but a racket.


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