What to do about NicholasRichardson-o-phobia

After reading a recent publication from an eminent leftist organisation in Australia I came to the realisation that a form of prejudice exists that has for far too long been left to run rampant – NicholasRichardsonophobia.
The realisation was mainly due to the following statement in an article in that magazine:

“Homophobic oppression is an integral part of the structure of capitalism, just like transphobia, sexism, racism, and all the rest. Our fight against homophobia will only be won when we finally defeat this whole repulsive system, and can create a world that’s truly equal.”

What exactly does ‘and all the rest’ refer to? My assumption is that it refers to those forms of oppression that the author has not remembered or has not come into contact with. They are identities that are treated prejudicially but which have yet to be identified, yet to have their ‘stonewall’ moment.

In assuming that they are there with the phrase ‘and all the rest’ they are already flagged as being important. Now when the author of those lines learns of some new identity and its travails they wont feel guilt for past ignorance of that-identity-o-phobia. They will escape the charge that they ignored the prejudice of that identity.

It was when I reflected upon this that I was struck by a profound thought. “I have an identity!” It was a thought that was quickly followed by another. “I am subject to hate, to unequal treatment purely because of my belonging to the identity of Nicholas Richardson.” I am part of the ‘and all the rest’, I have been included in the leftist magazine’s fight against oppression.

Thankfully they are not foot soldiers of NicholasRichardson-o-phobia. I do believe that this particular organisation did suffer from this particular prejudice at some point in the past and elements of it may still be NicholasRichardson-o-phobic but my subsumption under ‘and all the rest’ has given me reassurance. Such hate will be removed from the organisation and I can rest. I am assured that I have allies in the ongoing struggle against the prejudicial treatment of me because of me being me.

But then I had a terrible thought. “What if NicholasRichardson-o-phobia had some relation to NicholasRichardson-o-philia?” The thought that love and hate are intimately related is a common association to make. What if the elimination of one meant the elimination of the other? Indeed, acts of NicholasRichardson-o-philia are indistinguishable from NicholasRichardson-o-phobia if one considers them as acts reducible to no rational motivation.

Does that mean that in order to achieve my goal I must lose the ability to have the world relate to me in terms of me? To be unable to discern acts that cannot be reduced to a rational motivation except love or hate for me. With the loss of actions that express hatred of others against me do I effectively lose actions that express the love of others for me?

Worse. If nobody can relate to me through prejudicial actions reducible to no rational motivation do I lose myself? Will it mean that I only relate to the world in the same way that a lump of clay relates to us, as some inert object to be moulded to suit whatever utility we have in store for it?

Considering this, is it not a mistake to call oppression an integral part of capitalism? Is not capitalism the reduction of all to equivalence, to money, the reduction of all value only to the rationale of the production of more money? “To create a world that is truly equal”, isn’t that the structuring principle of capitalism? Is not capitalism about making the incommensurable commensurable, the reduction of uniqueness to equivalence, by the tool of money?

I say nay to that. I like the idea of increasing prejudice. I feel that I can live with NicholasRichardson-o-phobia as long as it comes with NicholasRichardson-o-philia and I could even live in a world that was almost totally dominated by NicholasRichardson-o-phobia except for the smallest possible element of its opposite. What I could not live in is a world in which I had the significance of some sort of fungus, or clay.

If capitalism is the creation of a truly equal world I am for anti-capitalism as the multiplication of prejudice, love and hate. If anti-capitalism is the creation of a truly equal word than I am for capitalism as the multiplication of prejudice, love and hate.


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  1. embolalia says:

    this made me smile so hard…

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