Puerco Pibil

Puerco Pibil

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I had a go of Roberto Rodregiuez’s Puerco Pibil, (a recipe included in the “10 Minute cooking school” of his Once Upon a Time in Mexico the other night. Unfortunately, Brisbane does not have a supply of mexican ingredients comparable to that of south west USA. In particular I struggled to find the annatto seeds, habenero peppers and (surprisingly) the banana leaves.

I eventually made do with achiote paste and a habenero sauce found at a continental grocers and found the banana leaves at the last of three asian grocers that I went to.

These substitutions led to a few variations in the recipe. Since the achiote paste included other things beside the annatto seeds it was based on I pretended this was equivalent to about 1/4 of the vineger. As for the sauce that I picked up I had no idea what was in it so guessed that maybe half would do. Also I gave a few dashes extra of this and that liquid – tequilla and lemon juice – in order to counter the many suggestions that Rodregiuez’s recipe resulted in a too dry pibil.

The result was delicious but I thought that it could of done with the whole 120mls of habernero sauce. I have never used tequilla in cooking before and was a bit worried since I usually associate the smell with less savioury smells that usually surround its consumption. This dish, however demonstrated the folly in such thought.

This is Rodrigeuz’s recipe…


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