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Haven’t posted in a while so here is a comment that I made on another blog (leftwrites again).

There is a short stroy, my name was attached to a comment that was put on the site by ben under this post regarding the APEC summit. This is the comment ben left:

An interesting comment on this position paper here .

Following that Ablokeimet commented:

Frankly, I can’t remember a single posting from kernal.corn that was putting forward even approximately sound political ideas. Some solid class analysis is called for.

Seeing as I have (and to my knowledge my name has) only made three or four comments I felt that my honour had been unfairly trammpled upon. Hence, seeing as ‘virtual’ duels don’t exist, I did the closest ‘virtual’ equivalent and made a silly comment to even out the honour dising, partly as a response to Ablokeimet’s previous Solid Class Analysis comment:

There is much sensible thinking in the Solidarity position paper. Summitry has had its day, brought down by the huge conflict between the internationalist orientation of the activist Left organisations (essential to do the leg work in building protests) and the reactionary nationalist nature of the politics underlying much of the popular opposition to globalisation. It was always going to happen and it has now.

Two comments, however:

1. Solidarity is underestimating the potential for bringing global warming into the political arena. Both Bush & Howard are climate criminals and deserve to be called on it. Just concentrating on “No uranium mining, no nuclear power” robs us of the ability to do that, since nuclear power is Howard’s wedge issue “solution” to global warming. We need to be pushing solutions as well, or we won’t have credibility. This means:

(a) Pushing solar energy. This is better than a non-specific focus on renewables. Though a solution has to include a mix of renewable sources, it’s solar energy which will provide the big numbers. A good slogan is:

If (insert name of favourite mining company) owned the sun, we’d have solar power tomorrow.

(b) Demanding a massive jump in public transport availability and service. I understand Sydney’s public transport is a complete shambles and a public disgrace. At the moment, public transport is a hot topic in Melbourne. The trains are jam packed on most lines and the private rail contractor has stuffed up royally with the new trains hitting the system in the last year or so. Having more frequent and reliable services, more railway lines, properly staffed stations and a decent bus system connecting sensibly to railway stations would take a lot of cars off the road & save a lot of CO2. And if Transurban’s profits have to suffer, well that’s just too bad.

There are a lot of other aspects to a well-rounded solution, but solar energy & public transport are the ones with greatest political leverage at the moment, so that’s what the most prominent positive pieces of our climate agitation should be about.

2. The politics and the tactics should be developed simultaneously. We need to be aware of what Howard’s agenda will be. I think that what Howard, only a few weeks prior to a Federal election, wants out of APEC could very well be a major riot – and, if so, he may very well take steps to produce one. For the same reason Howard would like a riot, the State Labor Govt would like to avoid one, but I’m pretty sure Howard would be calling the shots on security for APEC, so I’m not sure how much Iemma could do about it.

The tactical point I wish to make is that we should attempt to ensure that the coppers and all other “security” types are being filmed continuously. If there’s a police riot, the media will portray it as a riot by protesters. We need to ensure that we have the footage to blow that story out of the water. And, to prevent the riot if possible, we need the coppers to know in advance that we’ll have the footage.

this is the comment that I put in:

Solid Class Analysis:

A fellow colleague previously stated: “We need to be pushing solutions as well, or we won’t have credibility”.

He gave us two ideas to meet this:
a) Pushing solar energy.
b) Demanding a massive jump in public transport availability and service.

Let us raise a toast to the fine Solid Class Analysis position he has exhibited and explore the Solid Class Analysis approach more fully!

As Solid Class Analysis tells us, if we are to have a credible brand that is successfully in gaining market-share – both immediate and financial as well as long term and brand recognition based – we need to ensure that our activist work has the ‘wazoo’ as well as sensibleness. Solar energy offers just such a campaign tool. It has the wazoo we are after – its good with the folks because of all this ‘climate change’ business and is something that is increasingly offering more and more opportunities to the business community – thus it is prone to far less market share damaging ‘blowback’ then almost anything else – this is a motherhood issue now, fellas!

Secondly, if we target the mortgage holders with public transport we’re sure to be on a winner – finding more efficient ways of getting to work is all that’s on ppls minds when at work – and ‘blowback’ will be kept to a minimum, because, as ‘Solid Class Analysis’ tells us, increased efficiency in getting people to work means more work will be done! And as Solid Class Analysis reveals we can run the always hit line – “they can take their profits… and put them in a pipe and smoke ’em!”. This like Solar Power is a low-blowback and high return campaign. Fellas, that’s solid Gold.

This same colleague then stated: “The politics and the tactics should be developed simultaneously. We need to be aware of what Howard’s agenda will be.” Let us take a moment to ponder the genius of such an extraction from Solid Class Analysis before we explore it more.

Our ‘politics’ brand would be useless without an effective marketing strategy to get it out there. Solid Class Analysis tells us that the greatest problem with the stopG20 brand fair was that it wasn’t controlled enough by Solid Class Analysis. Solid Class Analysis must attach itself to the election campaign and ensure this occurs at the APEC brand fair.

The old bald guy’s got a lot of bad mustard around him – thanks to our successful campaigning over the last 11 years – and the young guy can do the rumba and isn’t the old guy, both of which makes him popular with the young and the want-to-be-young. As ‘Solid Class Analysis’ tells us we must be careful how we play this election, but play it we must. Our previous campaigns mean we can’t go for the old guy, but at the same time, if our slogans are going to be market effective we need to distance ourselves from those that the old guy has made angry, whilst ensuring that those people don’t disrupt our brand image (usually dirty people, or people of a ‘dirty’ colour). This could be difficult but as Solid Class Analysis shows, it needn’t be. Our brand positioning as their representatives is strong and they are generally too weak to fight us, so a little caution in the management of this area should eliminate most problems experienced with the StopG20 brand fair.

Dealing with the young guy will probably be easier, as ‘Solid Class Analysis’ informs us, keeping it at low level critiques shall suffice. Problems arise, only if he wins, we will need to undergo a logo change in order to continue, not just maintaining market share, but, having any market share at all. Solid Class Analysis informs us that the easiest way would be to transfer all current slogans to the young guy. This will probably be the way forward, however, we don’t need to think about it in greater detail until next quarter. For the APEC fair Solid Class Analysis shows that we should maintain an approach of low level critique and only if necessary for brand integrity, otherwise stay away. This can be implemented across organisations with the quick, easily learnt, directive ‘ECO’ “easy!, critique off”


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  1. sparx says:



  2. sparx says:

    also, whats a “wazoo?”

    english first my language not.

  3. barkingcoins says:

    One online dictionary puts the definition like this:

    Main Entry: wa·zoo
    Pronunciation: (“)wä-‘zü
    Function: noun
    Etymology: origin unknown
    slang : ANUS
    – up the wazoo also out the wazoo : in excess

    …So on reflection i think m usage of the word differs slightly…
    I think I was refering to a ‘Je n’sais quo’ that one pulls from ones wazoo.

  4. drugsinclass says:

    hey! je sais quoi what one might pull from my wazoo at any moment perfectly well, thank you.

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