On the recuperation of the rejection of work

Here in the UK there is currently a TV series about happiness and how one is to become happy.

(take a peek at… http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/happiness_formula/4783836.stm)

The central theme of this show seems to be that people are more happy if they work less and do more of what they want to do. It seems that the bourgeoisie has decided to embrace the idea that work is better described as alienated labour (and that that means work is bad) just at the same time as it has managed to commodity exploitation (see products like fair-trade, a big winner for the kids at Marks and Spencer).

Apart from the ridiculous level of empiricisation with regards to personal happiness and never minding the scientific pursuit of such an abstract notion I feel that what seems the most antagonising aspect of this series is the lack of support for the ‘dole bludging class’. This is a class that had previously been lambastard for their lack of a ‘good work ethic’. This sidelining of a critical group to the programs philosophy seems to set the borders for this new bourgeois response to the horrors of capital. This version of the rejection of work is of course one that does not do so entirely but simply suggests that those with the power available may like to choose purchase a rejection of work.

Advertised with slogans like ‘Sea Change’ and ‘Escape the Rat Race’ capital has fully commodified the idea that people like Guy Debord advertised with slogans like ‘Nous ne travaillerouse jamais’. A number of sentences ago I suggested that this was some sort of reappropriation of the idea of alienation; but this is only true in a distorted way, if this is an even slighlty accurate suggestion at all. All this bourgeois talk about rejection of work is one that is only available to those that have the money to do so – money earnt through alienated work and secondly, the bourgeois rejection of work is an entirely atomised idea – absent entirely is the idea that work is an imposition to be collectively resisted and overcome.

This rejection of work is only for those that are in the privileged position to purchase the newly advertised commodity. In being a commodity, with the limitations of human atomisation (although extendable to the productive unit of the (patriarch’s) nuclear family) and the necessity of work this idea holds nothing for anybody except the endless televised repition of rich people looling about in the country pondering how wonderful, herbalised, organic feed, balanced and tai chi sereno they are…

A collective social rejection of life defined by work would surely be much better viewing…


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